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Architectural Desktop 2005 Fundamentals: 

by Elise Moss

ISBN 1-58503-195-X


The author has provided 175 files for Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005 Fundamentals. They have been compressed and divided into 4 ZIP files that can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:


Download 158503195X.ZIP file (26 files - 1.3 Mb) - miscellaneous files 


Brown Residence Files:
The zip files below all contain files relating to the 'Brown Residence'. Before unzipping the files,
create a folder on your computer named 'Brown Residence' and then unzip the files into it. Several subfolders will be created when the files are unzipped so the file structure will be as shown. 

PLEASE NOTE: Not all subfolders will contain files. 

Download  158503195X_BrownRes1.ZIP file      Elements; Sheets; Views
     (60 files - 3 Mb) 

Download 158503195X_BrownRes2. ZIP file 
     Constructs: Exterior 
     (43 files - 2.6 Mb) 

Download 158503195X_BrownRes3.ZIP file      Constructs: Interior; Site Plan; Space Planning 
     (46 files - 3 Mb) 

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