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Space Planning 
with Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005 

by Elise Moss

ISBN 1-58503-197-6


The author has provided 139 files for Space Planning with Architectural Desktop 2005. They have been compressed and divided into 5 ZIP files that can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. 

Before unzipping the files, create a folder on your computer into which you will unzip the files. Several subfolders will be created when the files are unzipped so the file structure will be as shown. 

Download 1585031976_1  (47 files - 2.9 Mb) Misc. files; Sheets and Elements (plus subfolders)  

Download 1585031976_2  (25 files - 2.9 Mb) Views (plus subfolders)

Download 1585031976_3  (19 files - 3.4 Mb) Areas, Interiors and Schedules

Download 1585031976_4  (30 files - 2.7 Mb) Spaces

Download 1585031976_5  (18 files - 2.1 Mb) Walls


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