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CATIA V5 Workbook 
by Richard Cozzens

These files are for the Release 8/9, Release 10/11, Release 12/13, Release 14/15, and Release 16 editions.


Arbor Press
Please Read: 

You are welcome to use CATProducts and/or CATParts in part or whole as long as there is no charge (cost) for the finished product! If you would like to add to and/or improve the Arbor Press Assembly send me your update and I will add it to the site. I will give the designer full recognition for their contribution. All the CATParts and CATProduct files are the property of Schroff Development Corporation. If you have any questions and/or comments contact me at

For the Assembly exercise (CATIA V5 Workbook) unzip the Arbor Press Parts zip file. The Arbor Press Assembly zip file has the same CATParts assembled.

Thank You. 
Richard Cozzens  

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