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CATIA V5 Workbook 
by Richard Cozzens

These files are for the Release 8/9, Release 10/11, Release 12/13, Release 14/15, and Release 16 editions.


Test House
Please Read: 

The “Test House.CATProduct” file is not complete. You are welcome to use CATProducts and/or CATParts in part or whole as long as there is no charge (cost) for the finished product! If you would like to add to and/or improve the house send me your update and I will add it to the site. I will give the designer full recognition for their contribution. All the CATParts and CATProduct files are the property of Schroff Development Corporation. If you have any questions and/or comments contact me at

To load the Test House.CATProduct unzip all three zip files (Test House1, Test House 2 and Test House 3) into the same directory. Then select or double click on the Test House.CATProduct file. It is a fairly large file so be patient.  

Thank You. 
Richard Cozzens  

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